The tools that you can use for vegan proteins are many, it is interesting how a meal changes with just using the right artifact, we must also say that it makes life easier for you in the kitchen, and thus be able to save time.

Having a family reunion and being able to bake a quinoa burger in an air fryer in a few minutes is priceless, being able to make a vegan chili in an instant pot and only last a few minutes does not have it either.

If you start this lifestyle it would be excellent if you have some tools that help you make it easier to master vegan proteins.

Some models that I love

Some tools for vegan cooking

Slow cooker - instant pot

It is the best way to cook quickly, the instant pot makes the recipes much easier than a normal old pressure cooker, this technology has a system that allows you to cook maintaining a constant temperature during long cooking times that, in no case, exceed 90-100 ° C.

An Instant Pot is a programmable electric pot that performs the same functions as a slow cooker and a pressure cooker and also incorporates other additional functionalities. These types of multifunction pots are also known as multicookers.

This friend has to be in your house, there is no way to cook faster and quieter than with him, and I say quiet since with its programmable system you can configure it so that you go to sleep or leave the house and he will do all the Work that you sent him to do, it will automatically turn off and leave the food perfectly cooked and ready to serve.

As the most important thing for a vegan are legumes, this artifact is prepared very well by this type of protein, since it has buttons where he can make a recipe for chili just for example, simply deposit the legumes and that’s it.

Slow cookers are becoming more and more famous, not only do vegans also use non-vegans and vegetarians as well, I found this video earlier when I talked about forbidden black rice, now I will put it back in case you had not seen it and a short video also of how to use the instant pot:

Complicated foods for cooking are made very easily in this electrode, such as quinoa, beans, yogurt, etc …, investigate it and you will see that it is the best purchase or gift you can make these days.

Blender - NutriBullet

Specifically, this is one of the models that I like as a blender, it is super practical when it comes to making a protein powder, thanks to its low weight and small size it makes it a 2-minute thing to be able to make a shake, in addition to the blades They are super fast and make the milkshake very home-like, this model is also one of the cheapest in amazon:

I love making this mix:

2 cups almond Silk milk.
4 tablespoons vegan protein powder, preferably chocolate.
2 frozen bananas
2 teaspoons almond cream
1/2 teaspoon maca
2 teaspoons vanilla extract

Simply put everything in the nutri bullet, press until a complete mixture is left, I love the taste of maca plus it has many qualities, you can investigate it if you wish.

Of all the ingredients the rarest is maca, so I leave this image so you can enter amazon and review it, I also tell you that the maca also has protein and thus helps to provide more protein to your shake.

Obviously you will know that this blender not only works for smoothies, but also at a time of pressing a soup would save your life, lately it has also helped me to make vegan cheeses, which by the way are also another source of vegan protein.

If you may know about power with respect to electric appliances, you may know that 600 watts is not very strong, but when you turn on this device it is really powerful, you will not be disappointed at all.

The cup of this device is of good size, I always prepare for my husband and for me, of course there are also smaller ones in case you do not want to prepare more than normal, it also works perfect to make a smoothie after training.

The topic of washing is super simple, it does not need much more, just remove it and place it in the dishwasher, as I said before it is small but thanks to that it does not mess in the kitchen.

protein shake

Tofu Press

Excellent tool that should not be missing in the house of a person who uses tofu in their kitchen, all people who consume this type of food know how complicated it is to leave the tofu without so much water, every time we prepared it we used everything we used We will find weight, to put it on and drain all its water, in the end it is not very hygienic and the kitchen was left with a great mess.

Believe me when I tell you, that the simple fact of removing all the water from the tofu makes its cooking more friendly, besides that in its cooking it will be more delicious, there are many recipes for tofu, it is an excellent source of vegan protein.

Tempeh is also a food that has all the amino acids such as quinoa, very beneficial for women who are in menopause, since it relieves the most typical symptoms of this stage and in turn is able to strengthen the bones.

Since it keeps all the fiber in beans it helps regulate intestinal transit. Fermentation produces natural antibiotic agents, being useful to increase the resistance of our body to intestinal infections.

Regular consumption of tempeh reduces the risk of coronary heart disease, prevents different types of cancer (especially those that occur in the digestive tract) and regulates blood sugar levels, being adequate for people with diabetes.

tofu protein vegan press
Foods With Protein For Vegans

What I like most about this press, is its material and how simple it is to use, it also has a very nice look to leave it visible in the kitchen, also its price seemed reasonable, finally you can say goodbye to the amount of paper used to dry it.


The conclusion is very simple, the tools serve to facilitate our lives, also in the case of food they help us improve both the flavors and the speed of cooking, we always like to improve the vegan flavors in the kitchen.



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