We already know that proteins are very important for our body, it is impossible for us to maintain a life without them, nowadays we incorporate them into food, drinks and even desserts, but on many occasions we find it difficult to insert them into our day to day, since either because of the hustle and bustle of work or simply because you need to supplement that daily intake.

That is why these powder shakes have emerged as the easiest way to provide your body with high quality proteins in a concentrated way, over time we have seen how new brands, models and flavors have been born.

It is very fun to look for recipes where they are incorporated, or look for flavors like chocolate and make a delicious cake, it is also interesting to learn how some serve to gain muscle mass or lose weight.

Some models that I love


Every day veganism is entering our homes and for this reason the level of quality is likely to be damaged, we must know how to locate good quality proteins, little by little we will find it more difficult to find that good quality, so all Tips that we learn will always be important and if you lead this vegan lifestyle, it will be very helpful for you as time goes by.

Sometimes, the quality leaves a lot to be desired, while in others the composition is excellent, but the taste is not what you expected and it even makes you repulsive. To avoid disappointment, you can opt for the best vegan proteins on the market:


Hemp Protein

There has been a lot of talk about this type of vegan protein, it has been criticized in many sectors for good and for bad, personally I have not tried it much, but if enough to tell you that although there started with it does not mean that it is one of my Preferred, in fact it is not, the first thing that I did not like is what many of us are looking for: the savor, and this was very robust and strong for my taste, nothing really good, although I had done it with great care and good recipes has not worked for me, a strong seaweed flavor is what I felt when trying it, maybe we could think that if you need an ingredient for a recipe that includes seaweed this could be your ally, you also have to say that the protein value was not the most High to be a top product and in charge of delivering you a good quality.

It is obviously a product suitable for vegans or lactose intolerant and allergic to cow’s milk protein, the price is also reasonable, but this does not make it one of my favorites, of course, I’m talking about this type, maybe other types may be of better taste or quality.


Of this orgain brand I have tried several flavors and I have really found myself satisfied, of all brands of organic chocolate is my favorite, the taste is good not excellent but acceptable, it also has a very good 21 grams of protein, which it is a very good amount,

An excellent price in my opinion makes this drink one of the best sellers in amazon, it has a very good amount of carbohydrates and its 4 ingredients are amazing: pea, chia, brown rice and cocoa.


Perhaps the first vegan protein powder that went on the market, if it is true that it has a good taste and its amounts of protein are high, but I have a problem with them, today in restaurants most of the proteins are soy or their derivate like tofu, that is why for me the amount that one can eat in a restaurant is very high, so I try not to consume it as a milkshake.

If there must be a winner I think it could be the ones that contain pea, this ingredient is one of the most natural and full of proteins that is seen in the market, also to say that its sweetness makes many of them have a positive point in being pleasant on the palate.

Best Sellers in Sports Nutrition Protein Powders

I know it is difficult to enter a page and trust what a person tells you, but as I said before the information should be your day to day if you lead the vegan lifestyle, so I will leave you the best 5 proteins purchased in Amazon.

As you already realized it was not far from reality, I think the organic brand is doing a lot of work for this type of vegan protein.

Vegan protein powder recipe

I saw this recipe a long time ago, and it is the simplest thing you will see in the world, I wanted to leave you a simple and different recipe to the typical milkshake.

Peanut butter and protein powder


  • One cup preferably homemade peanut butter
  • A Greek yogurt without flavor
  • A scoop of vanilla protein
  • A splash of milk
  • Some drops of vanilla essence


The butter should not necessarily be peanut, it can also be almond or tahini, that would be your preference, and in the case of the pear, any fruit you enjoy with this concoction can be.

The first thing we would do is the butter or buy it already made if time plays against you, then we put it in a blender together with the Greek yogurt and beat until we have a cream of the thickness you want.

The second is to incorporate the protein scoop and we mix slowly, we take that splash of almond milk to give a softer texture and in turn more protein.

The third and last we can add a few drops of vanilla essence and sprinkle a little cinnamon on top.


In conclusion you should always always know that this is not a meal that you can substitute for example for a breakfast, a qualified doctor will surely explain why, you also understand that there are measures of protein consumption therefore you should not consume more than you should.

We could also see that the fact of being a vegan person does not mean that you do not consume high quality proteins, in this simple type you can find most of the amino acids we need to live.


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