This section is very important since we will talk a little about what I consume as a plant-based protein and not of animals, I say that it is very important since as I said before without the protein our health would be very bad, it is usually a sensitive issue but I try to enjoy it to the fullest by making recipes of high protein value and by the way delicious.

The idea is to show you that it makes no sense to eat an animal protein, only in amazon or at walmart you can get a wide variety of products without having to consume any defenseless animals, I think that should already be in the past, if you are starting you will be impressed with so many vegan products and a high protein value, a friend told me that he was eating tofu and lost muscle mass, I asked him if he had changed it for tempeh for example, and he had no idea what it was, many doctors recommend it today, tempeh is my favorite, it serves perfect to make recipes of great level and very exquisite….

Some models that I love

Where do you get your protein sources?

The most famous question in the life of a vegan or vegetarian, is impressive when you tell yourself to look for other eating options that are free of animals, and what you find step by step that you investigate leaves you speechless, makes you think about whether it is worth it today at the time of the information to consume such foods.

There are many sources of proteins that I have seen and I really feel that I have many to see, I am always consuming a lot of information from certified vegan doctors who support our lifestyle with scientific facts.

So impressive is the amount of protein there is and its derivatives that here we will only see a low but important percentage, the next time you think about consuming an animal think that here you address another better option for your health, without harming anyone and the best thing, is more economical, and I was remembering that these products were very expensive and far from reality; you will realize when you see a tofu in 2 dollars and you can cook for three or four people.

Let’s look at some sources of vegan proteins:


This super food is the only friend of mine that has all the amino acids and vitamins necessary for our healthy and vegan food, so place it first in this brief explanation of some plant quality proteins, and it is proof that we can eat healthy with protein 100% without the need to harm anyone.

It also has a very good flavor and finding recipes online is very easy, one of the things you should know is that you should always wash it before consuming it to remove a toxic substance called saponin.

Quinoa is one of the good news that a celiac has since it is free of gluten, it contains a lot of fiber that we already know that helps us with intestinal transit, it has low glycemic value that makes it also an option for diabetics, pregnant women, this food is also a winner for pregnant women because it contains vitamin B9 that contributes to the growth of the baby, magnesium phosphorus and magnesium also join the benefits of quinoa.

For every 100 grams, quinoa provides a protein value of 13.8, as a curious note in 2013, FAO declared it as the international year of quinoa, obviously this is a mini explanation of quinoa you can search here on our page for information and recipes regarding her.

The best protein vegan ever
The best protein vegan ever

Here we will not see recipes but if I can tell you that one of my favorite recipes is quinoa pizza dough, I love making this recipe and it is very easy to prepare, it also helps babies in the house, maybe if you present a quinoa without further ado they will probably reject it, so I found that way to prepare it and they love it, you can simply buy quinoa flour and follow a vegan recipe to make the dough and substitute the normal flour with quinoa, and then what you want to put the pizza is something of yours.

I used this flour in amazon and it is for me one of the most economical I have seen in the market:


Rice, one of the most famous in the world, almost unpredictable on the table of any human being and especially for a vegan or veggie, has a very low cost and nutritional characteristics. When analyzing the nutritional value, it is convenient to distinguish between some of its varieties. Although there are many types, the most popular and sold are white, black and brown rice.

Like quinoa it is good to wash it before preparing it, it is true that rice as such does not provide 100% of the amino acids so the best way to solve it is to mix it with other products, such as vegetables, legumes or if preferred with tempeh or quinoa, white rice provides 6.67 grams of protein per 100 grams.

I tell you that this rice that I show you below is called Forbidden Black Rice, I have been obsessed with this rice for a long time, its nutritional values are excellent, not only does it help as a protein it also has a high content of minerals such as iron and copper, in addition It has a high amount of antioxidants.

Here I leave you a very good video that appears on youtube, it is a recipe made with instant pot but you don’t have to do it with it you can do it normally in a common pot:

Forbidden Black Rice

In half a cup of prohibited black rice we will find:

  • 160 calories
  • 34 grams of carbohydrates
  • 5 grams of protein
  • 2 grams of fiber

This divine rice was always reserved for the exclusive consumption of the emperor and his court. Today, given its important nutritional characteristics, it is consumed by children, the elderly and pregnant women. Authorized by the name of Venere, the goddess of love, her ebony skin and her unmistakable perfume make it perfect for a special occasion, the way I like to consume it is in sushi version.


Tempeh is a food made from soybeans, cooked and slightly fermented with a mold: rhizopus, which has been prepared in Asian countries for hundreds of years, as I read its origin comes from the Island of Java, Indonesia, where It is very popular and can be found in hundreds of preparations.

It is similar to tofu in terms of its elaboration, but with other texture and nutritional characteristics, as you can see there are vegan alternatives with high protein values without being of animal origin.

Tempeh is also a food that has all the amino acids such as quinoa, very beneficial for women who are in menopause, since it relieves the most typical symptoms of this stage and in turn is able to strengthen the bones.

Since it keeps all the fiber in beans it helps regulate intestinal transit. Fermentation produces natural antibiotic agents, being useful to increase the resistance of our body to intestinal infections.

Regular consumption of tempeh reduces the risk of coronary heart disease, prevents different types of cancer (especially those that occur in the digestive tract) and regulates blood sugar levels, being adequate for people with diabetes.

Tempreh protein
Vegan protein tempeh

Believe me the most important thing you need to know about tempeh, it is like cooking it because for nutritional values it is perfectly for vegan consumption, normally people cook it directly to the pot or pan, but it seems to me very strong to eat in that way.

The first thing you should do is when you buy it and arrive at your home, boil it for 15 min with two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (the best vinegar in the world) and 2 tablespoons of soybeans, then it will be perfect for any preparation.

In my kytchen i love to cut it into strips, then saute it and a little teriyaki sauce, a sushi made with the black rice explained above and in the middle tempeh with avocado, it is a delight.


Well as you will see I mentioned only 3 vegan proteins but there are many more, I did not want to make the article as extensive as I would like to show you in the blog section other forms of proteins such as nuts or lentils.

In the future when they ask you: what protein do vegans eat ?, you know that the least thing to worry about is that, rather the concern is in investigating all the possible information of each product, and also look for recipes that you provide at the time of Prepare them in your kitchen.


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