Well as I mentioned in previous comments, time is very important for me since I work on the street and many times they save me from not having to eat somewhere that is not so healthy, so, what is more important and It helps than a protein bar, right?, if you are one of those people dismissed or who are on the street often, these products are your solution, like dust proteins this is not to consume 100%, it is simply a snack for your day to day, and to improve things, it is vegan, not only because of the urgency of the day these protein bars work, they also calm us a craving for sweet or desserts you want to eat.

They can also help you if you are on a diet or are training, there are really many benefits and little by little better brands and models with more protein in grams come out.

Some models that I love


Most bars have a very good quality, the market understood that it has a demanding public such as vegan, obviously the bars with more sugar taste better but you can check the sugar levels in the back and look for the one that has less, as I always say: do not consume anything in excess, remember that this is a snack not a complete meal, you should also be aware of these food supplements that are not always made with good quality ingredients. Sometimes, it is simply a treat disguised as healthy food. Therefore, your responsibility with the consumer is to inform you about its ingredients and its nutritional value.

Really in a matter of quality, I want to specifically name this brand:

This brand never leaves me bad when buying it in any conversion, the sugar level is really low, I always try it to be less than two digits, also its protein levels are good, they could be better but I think that for a bar they are perfect, the prices are very reasonable especially when you are consuming time and consuming good quality ingredients, as you have seen one of my favorite flavors is chocolate, and when we talk about Cookie Dough it is my delirium.

Best Sellers in Sports Nutrition Protein Bars

I know it is difficult to enter a page and trust what a person tells you, but as I said before the information should be your day to day if you lead the vegan lifestyle, so I will leave you the best 3 proteins purchased in Amazon.

As you already realized it was not far from reality, I think the organic brand is doing a lot of work for this type of vegan bars.

Vegan protein powder recipe

I saw this recipe and it is the simplest thing you will see in the world, i want to leave you this beautiful recipe for vegan bars since you do not necessarily have to buy it, here an option that will be cheaper but it may take longer:

recipes bars protein vegan


  • Dates: 215 gr
  • Raisins: 75 gr
  • Roasted almonds: 45 gr
  • Grated coconut: 40 gr
  • Roasted cashews: 25 gr
  • Cocoa powder: 30 gr
  • Peppermint essential oil: a few drops


The first is in a powerful blender or food processor to process dates and raisins until a paste is obtained. Arrange the pasta obtained in a bowl.

The second is in the same blender or food processor (no need to wash it) to arrange roasted or activated almonds, grated coconut and roasted or activated cashews. Process until the nuts have been completely crushed.

The third thing is to add the date paste in the blender, the cocoa powder, the peppermint essential oil and crush the time necessary for all the ingredients to mix homogeneously (about 2 minutes).

The fourth is to arrange baking paper in a rectangular glass tupper. Add the obtained paste and flatten completely with your hands until it is about 2 cm thick.

The fifth is to cover and put the tupper in the freezer for 2 hours until the mixture solidifies and takes firmness. Cut in the form of bars and store in the refrigerator until consumed.

They are stored much better in the fridge, since they get pretty soft outside. They can be kept inside it for months without getting bad.


In conclusion, the most important thing you should be aware of is the nutritional values and that they are vegan, but after you identify your favorites you do not want to separate from them.


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