The first thing we should know is that this lifestyle we call veganism is not poor in protein, normally under the ignorance of people the concept of being vegan is the same as not eating any type of protein, automatically people think you’ll be with a deficiency and therefore sick, nothing is further from reality.

If you are one of those people who are inquiring about this issue because they have told you that being vegan or vegatarian made you sick because you did not consume enough protein you should continue reading and seeing that there are sources rich in protein and totally free of any animal, also works for those people who are already vegan and perhaps already know these names but want to know more about the subject, I am always reading and informing myself on this subject, since one as a human being should never seem to stop informing itself.

Every time I inquire about this topic I discover a new source, or also if any food has more or less protein, or a recipe that makes you run to the kitchen and try it, but for me the most important thing is that they have these combinations: more of amino acids, that have a good flavor, that I can mix it well in my daily diet, that is easy to achieve.


Yes, my title seems a little crazy but it is the truth, in the end, what we are looking for is a source that is good for us but that we also like to eat, obviously not ?, how unpleasant is to take any diet in the world and know that you can not eat what you want in a healthily manner.


If you knew this protein for sure, but perhaps you did not know that it has 100% of all the essential amino acids for our body, also with a large amount of fiber, because with this concept we see that we already have the first requirement in a vegan protein, the next one is the flavor, which quinoa also meets very well because has a very rich flavor, my favorite is:

Adding it to my daily diet is very easy and fun, some quinoa nuggets are made very fast, they also have a very good taste, you will also be a good friend with your children who run away from good meals so much, we make hamburgers made out of quinoa and beans and my 4-year-old baby did not even realized that she was eating a quality meal and a good source of protein. The other good side is that it is easy to get, and well you already noticed that I left you a link for you to see in Amazon, also look at how economical it is, it yields a lot since she with the preparation becomes heavier, by the way also another benefit that attracts me about the quinoa is that feeling of filling.

Here I am leaving you with some quinoa products that I buy and use daily, so you can put it in your daily diet, here then we have seen a super complete source in all aspects.


This is also one of the most complete proteins that exist in the world of legumes, chickpea also meets the options I consider when I look for a good protein, if we talk about its protein level it is almost perfect and I say almost because I understand that one of its amino acids it is not complete, of course this will be complemented in other intakes without any concern.

What I enjoy most of this vegan protein is the taste that it has by itself, although there are countless recipes to prepare it, its pure flavor when boiling it is very pleasant, for children it is a food that is very easy to incorporate it in the form of hummus , you know that hummus is a cream that has chickpea and tahini as its main ingredients, this cream is a potent source of protein.

The chickpea is simply beautiful, and on the issue of economics, it is super economic maybe already processed foods obviously increase its value, but chickpeas only are very cheap, besides getting it is super simple.

Here in this food you will consume a lot of protein, like quinoa it is very easy to adhere these foods to daily consumption, and for me it is important since it is very easy to say that you enter the world of veganism but when you start looking for food you do not get them or you do not know how to prepare them, you end up getting bored and you don’t eat them, and the result is that you end up sick or just give up and choose to eat animals again.

That is why I like to emphasize how well they taste and how easy is to prepare them, when you have children, time is your best friend and it is very easy and pleasant on the palate to prepare for example some chickpea burgers, who would say no to a meal like this one?:

I am sure that no one will say no, they also use this type of food a lot to complete it with something else, since it is very versatile and combined with it, you can find even desserts with this super food.


I will only name three proteins, this one, even if I listed it at last, I confess that it is my #1 option, since the first day I tried it, It got my attention, although in the past I did not make it as perfect as I do today, it is a derivative of soybean therefore It has a large amount of amino acids, if I must say that it is better than soy since tempeh is fermented.

Of course the tempeh not only comes from soybeans, but in many places you also find it by the way of chickpea, it is a very varied food, its use in the kitchen is crazy, the way to cook it is very easy, I have made recipes that would blow your head away on how delicious they are, later in the blog I will be assembling recipes on it, since it is my common food.

It is true that it is a little difficult to get, almost impossible in markets such as walmart or publix, I always prefer to buy it for Amazon since it is easier and cheaper.

It is not very commercial, but I tell you that it is worth looking for because the amount of vitamins it has and the probiotics it has to help you in your bacterial flora.

Here you have three of the best vegan proteins that you can easily find in your day, you could make your three meals of the day with these foods and have a high protein value, so when asked: where do you get the protein from being vegan? Here you have the answer.

As I said before I really care about the taste they have, and these three take it in unison, obviously they all have vitamins and other positive points, I don’t name them all because you can already get it in the back of the packaging, and here the issue will be if you can eat or prepare it, and even better for your vegan child to enjoy it when eating, which I tell you, for me, it created a difficult time to send food to my baby at the daycare because she did not want to eat it because it was different from the food her friends have.

Now a days you can find some nuggets and even think that they are free of animal origin, our daughter now leads her very normal life, if on the day the daycare will be giving out hot dogs, she will be bringing her plant-based hot dogs, or if they will be serving meat, she will be bringing meatless options, and somehow I think she is influencing her friends and teachers as well, hahaha

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